Pattern Bandits

Staged at the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane, Pattern Bandits is a five room interactive installation for children based on ‘social camouflage’. ‘Social camouflage’ is a term developed by Wyman to describe patterns that are used groups for visual resistance (tie-dye, dazzle camouflage, paisley, keffiyeh etc.). Using patterns to designated different zones the entire exhibition takes on the appearance of an architectural crazy quilt. Children are invited to contribute to the Spinning Wall Mandala Portal by making their own rotorelief’ like collage that are then incorporated into the spinning tie-dye wallpaper. They can also make their own bandana in the Pattern Action Zone this is then worn while performing to the video Pattern Power Moves. At the Kaleidoscopic Tessellation Station children move patterned blocks as they become apart of an analogue kaleidoscope watched from above and all around. Through embedded cameras in the walls, the Harlequin Hallway is a living wallpaper that turns surrounding architecture, children’s faces and clothing into moving kaleidoscopic patterns. There is also an online example for children to play with. In conjunction to the exhibition there is a children’s publication Pattern Power: Blending in and Standing Out. It features the history of different patterns as related to Wyman’s work, along with art activities related to social camouflage.