Thronging Bluff Face

This performance aimed to embody, rearrange and reconfigure the ‘in-between’ and hybrid masks of recent protests. These hybrid masks where found through Wyman’s research and include the commercialized Guy Fawkes mask of Anonymous painted black (by black bloc), appropriated Waq’ollos mask (by Free Pussy Riot protestors that appear to merge the colorful knitted balaclava with the public face of Anonymous) and more. Wyman shifts her voice to occupy each mask inviting the onlookers to witness the various modes of resistance needed to wrestle with power. A mask is magic especially when it  is folded to fashion a tent, a quilt, a face, a garment, all tactile and tactical ready to visually resist surveillance. This cloaked covering of a quilt mask is used to wrestle with the contradictions of surface and embodiment that protest and performance provoke.

Click here to view video of the performance.